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Gaining a world class education and accessing the world’s top universities is only part of the story for us. We put great value on our students having a better understanding of their place in the world and in how they can be of service to others. To achive this we provide ...

A Safe, Effective and Nurturing Learning Environment

Inspiring Educators that Embody the Core Values of Global Citizenship

Opportunities to Experience and Practice Service and Leadership


Our small class sizes help children learn faster and perform better

There are many benefits to smaller classes – more teacher time, more opportunity to learn from peers, and more incentive to participate.  Of course it also means we can get to know your child and give them the educational support they need to learn and grow.

Effective enjoyable education from experienced and well-qualified teachers

Education provided in a safe, happy environment is a much more effective way for children to learn. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers provide just that, a space where children can thrive. Our teachers care about the children, are passionate about education, and are always learning themselves.

Access to the world’s top universities through a globally recognized diploma

Our rigorous educational program prepares students for entry into renowned universities worldwide.  Our learning and English language support programs provide just the right amount of assistance needed to ensure that our students will succeed in any setting they choose.

Advanced Placement ®

The College Board Advanced Placement Program® (AP) enables academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.  TGA offers a wide variety of university-level courses developed by the AP Program to students in grades 10-12. Taking AP courses and exams can help students:

  • Stand out on college applications
  • Earn college credit and/or skip introductory courses in college
Teda Global Academy - Advanced PLacement Program

International Accreditation

As an international school, TGA is dually accredited according to rigorous U.S. and European academic standards.  Accreditation shows that a school has been evaluated against international academic guidelines and is committed to continuous improvement and regular intensive review of all of its programs and operations.

Teda Global Academy - WASC Accreditation Teda Global Academy - CIS Accreditation

Regional Partnerships

Our teachers and students continuously grow through our partnerships with other top international schools throughout Asia as members of these professional and interscholastic organizations:

Teda Global Academy - ACAMIS Membership Teda Global Academy - EARCOS Membership Teda Global Academy - ISCOT Membership

Leadership and Service-Learning

We strive to develop our students as equipped and confident leaders who are committed to serving others in our local and global communities.  Our students are members of international leadership organizations and dedicate time and creativity to improving the world around us.

Teda Global Academy - National Honor Society Teda Global Academy - Model United Nationbs


Daniel Dong - Graduated 2016

Ms. Kim - Kindergarten and Grade 2 Mother

University Destinations

Teda Global Academy - National Honor Society Logo

Boston University • University of Florida • Chicago College of Performing Arts • UCLA • Queen's University • Seoul University • Sciences PO • University of Sussex • Colorado State University • California College of the Arts • University of British Columbia • University of Washington • Penn State University • University of Toronto • Penn State University

Educational Excellence

Teda Global Academy - National Honor Society Logo

12 AP Course Options Available
Over 80% of our students taking AP exams earn a score of 3 or higher which earns them credit at many top univerities.

Strong SAT Performance
90% of our students taking the SAT exceed the reading and writing benchmark and 95% exceed the mathematics benchmark.

Alumni Career Paths

Teda Global Academy - National Honor Society Logo

Trade Marketing Executive at innisfree, AMOREPACIFIC

Accounting Major working at TransferWise

First Officer at Batik Air

Finance Analyst at Deloitte, Canada

PhD Candidate Cornell University, USA

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