Primary School

The girls and boys in the Primary Department at TIS enjoy a varied curriculum designed not only to encourage them to become lifelong learners but also skilled in critical thinking. The skills, knowledge and understanding which are the key components of the TIS curriculum at this level are drawn from the expected student learning outcomes of the United States, Canada and Britain for children of this age range. Every effort is made to tailor the learning to be meaningful to the students enrolled at the school K-6.

Along with the core curricular elements of English, Mathematics and Science, students enjoy two periods each of PE, music and Art every week. They visit the computer laboratory regularly throughout the week so that Information Technology is embedded in their learning across the curriculum. Students also have access to a well run library.

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Through the PE programme, students are encouraged to participate in team sports with a view to representing their school against other International schools. The music programme affords students the opportunity to participate in two large productions a year in which their musical talents are showcased. Art classes thrive and students have achieved success in International Art competitions.

TEDA Global Academy -

Embedded in the curriculum, and an integral part of the daily life at primary level, are the ESLR’s and the Virtue programmes. Regular assemblies at lower and upper primary levels embrace the Virtues programme while celebrating student successes. The sense of “Family” is very much in evidence as positive interaction between students of different age groups is encouraged through initiatives such as “Book Buddies” and sports events.

The discipline at Primary level is firm but friendly and the positive is accentuated at all times. The TIS Staff works very closely with families to ensure the optimum learning environment for all students.

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