Tuition and Fees

                Tuition Fee and Payment Information
                          2019-2020 School Year

Grade Level

Annual Tuition Fee

Pre-Kindergarten (Half day)

70,900 RMB

Pre-Kindergarten (Full day)

110,300 RMB

Kindergarten – Grade 5

165,400 RMB

Grades 6 – 12

180,000 RMB


Tuition fees are used to support the general operations of the school.

Application fee                         2,000 RMB
Payable when application is submitted and required prior to evaluation by the Admissions Committee. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the admissions decision. 

Students are charged these additional fees depending on grade level. Actual fees vary depending on grade level and student need:

  • School uniform – Required for all students
  • Cafeteria – Optional
  • School bus – Optional
  • Field trips – Required
  • Week Without Walls program – Required

Tuition fees may be paid annually or by semester. The due date for payment is stated on the invoice which is sent to each parent.

A 2% discount on the tuition fee is applied when the full year payment is received prior to the stated due date.

Families with three or more children enrolled full-time receive a 20% discount on tuition fees for the third child.

Payment can be made by either bank card or bank transfer. The school cannot accept cash payments for school fees. If payment is made by US dollars, the exchange rate set by the school shall be followed and all transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer. Be sure to include the student’s name with all payments.

RMB Remittance
Bank Name:   交通银行天津滨海分行
Account Name:      天津经济技术开发区国际学校
Routing Number (大额支付号):  301110000053
Account Number (银行账号): 120066041010141040976
RMB checks are also accepted and must be made payable to “天津经济技术开发区国际学校”

US Dollar Remittance
Beneficiary: TEDA International School 
A/C No. 12014867000220003896
Beneficiary Bank: China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch 
Correspondence Bank: “Bank of America New York, 
(Swift Code: BOFAUS3N) for credit A/C No.6550-0-90077

 *All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.


Tuition fees that remain unpaid after 30 days may result in the student being suspended from school until the fees are paid.

Tuition fees that remain unpaid after 60 days may result in dismissal from the school.


The Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

A Withdrawal Request Form must be submitted to Admission office. 

95% of tuition fees may be refunded if the withdrawal request form is submitted to admission office before the first school day. 

50% of tuition fees for a semester may be refunded if the withdrawal request form is submitted to admission office within the first fifteen days of the semester.  

No refunds for fees paid for a semester will be made after the fifteenth school day of the semester.

Original Fapiao receipts for payment must be returned to be eligible for any refund.

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