Parents and Friends Association

All parents of currently enrolled students and teachers are automatically members of our Parents and Friends Association (PFA), but anyone who wants to be part of our school family and help build community spirit is welcome to play an active role in the PFA.  There is no sign up involved or required membership fees to belong to the PFA.

The PFA supports numerous activities and events throughout the year.  Some of our contributions include organizing the international lunch during our annual International Day, during which parents are invited to prepare and share tastes from their own cultures, providing snacks during schoolwide events, hosting the Winter festival and craft fair, organizing community used item "garage sales", and gathering together for schoolwide family picnics.  We provide support to each other and work to ensure that all families feel welcome at school and in TEDA.

All parents and staff are invited to attend our monthly meetings. For more information, please check the school's weekly bulletin or contact the PFA at:


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  • Thu 14Fall Musicale - 06:00pm
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  • Sat 16ISCOT Table Tennis Grades 3 to 5 at TIS - 07:30am
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  • Mon 18HS Basketball Boys/Girls vs Maple Leaf at Teda
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  • Sat 23 PFA Winter Festival - 10:00am
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  • Wed 27ISCOT Basketball Tournament HS Boys IST/Girls TIS ISCOT Robotics Day (Grade 3-5) at IST
  • Thu 28K-5 Assembly (hosted by Grade 2)Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Renaissance by Primary Choir
  • Fri 29TGA International day of thanks (holiday)
  • Sat 30ISAC Volleyball Exchange MS Boys BCIS/Girls TEDA