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We seek to cultivate our students’ natural tendency to be generous and inspire a service-oriented culture so that seeking opportunties to be of service to others becomes a way of life. Our projects develop leadership and problem-solving skills and help develop strong character in our students, and also provide financial, material, and human support to people in need within the TEDA community and throughout China. We work closely with the TEDA Charity Association to reach out to and provide for our community.

Our students experience service-learning through multiple of settings. Class projects, service clubs, and school wide efforts investigate problems and needs and work to develop projects to help meet those needs. Students get involved in creative activities, ecological solutions, social support for disabled community members, fundraisers, and drives to collect school supplies and clothing. We also organize school-wide events, like our annual Walkathon, to raise funds for local charity needs.

Our service clubs:

  • Guardian Angels
  • Shine Home
  • Roots n' Shoots
  • National Honor Society

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