School Updates And Letters

April 20.2020. Teda, China 

Schools are more than words on paper, tests, and memorizing facts. Schools are places where friends meet, teachers open doors for new learning and endless possibilities. That is why both Teda Global Academy students and teachers have been looking forward to this day. On April 20, TGA has opened its campus doors to grades 9 and 12. In order to stay safe and protect each other everyone is required to obey a new set of rules: wear a mask, wash hands, keep distance, take temperature several times per day. These measures will help everyone stay safe and hopefully we will have other grades sitting at their classrooms benches very soon. We are going forward with understanding for one another, warmth and love that will help us come out of this stronger as a community.

Our Principal Mr. Warren welcoming grade 9 and 12 students on the first day back. It feels great to have them back!

Face masks represent no obstacle for students eager to learn and teachers who are selflessly transferring knowledge. 

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