Governance and History

TGA is a government-owned, non-profit, non-sectarian, coeducational day school established in 1995, originally to provide an educational program for the students of foreign nationalities residing in the TEDA area. Officially, TGA is the international division of TEDA International School which is part of the Binhai-area public school system. The Superintendent of TEDA International School is the legal representative of TGA and oversees matters related to governance of the school on behalf of the Binhai Culture and Education Development Office. The TGA Headmaster is responsible for the academic and operational leadership and administration of the school and TGA campus.

TEDA Global Academy - Winter Show Singing

Decision-making and strategic planning are the responsibility of the Administrative Team, the Academic Leadership Team, and the Strategic Planning Team, all working under the direction and supervision of the Headmaster. The Steering Committee, a volunteer advisory group consisting of parents, teachers, and a representative from TEDA International School, oversee the development of school policy, and contribute to financial decisions. All school programs are funded entirely through student tuition fees. No subsidies or financial support are provided by the local government.

TEDA Global Academy -

In 2019 the school underwent a rebranding process, ultimately changing its name from Teda International School to TEDA Global Academy, and updating its logo and visual identity. Both the new logo and colors are reflective of the school's purpose and locality. The new colors convey the area's connection to both the port and sea, while the logo design reflects the distinctive architecture of the nearby Binhai Railway Station and symbolizes the school's commitment to community, connectedness, and transition. Linked to our vision, mission, and core values, our unique logo embodies these themes:

  • Community - We are a gathering place for events and activities that bring together people from all over the world; we are a home-away-from-home for our international population
  • Connectedness - As a diverse international school, our success is dependent on strong, personal connections between students, faculty, and parents
  • Transition - We embrace change and growth and are committed to preparing our community members for new experiences and opportunities

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